The Spring

Participate in the exploration of a secret underground river and the beauty it leads to.  Three determined women lead you through crawlways, low airspace and finally beauty in one of nature’s works of dark art. An article on the production is here. A behind the scenes video is here

Mad Hatter


What happens when everyone is mad as a hatter? We take you to our favorite mad hatter’s workshop to visit her friends and utterly insane world. 


Explore with us, the creepy world of trying to get to the other side.  A cynic or a believer,  we have created a visually rich world for you in a real-life seance. 

Krystal Beach

An abandoned town occupied only by squatters, scorpions and the human fringe, sets the scene for our brief visit into an alternate world of mayhem.  We take you to a place where life expectancy is measured in grams and escape is uncertain.  

The Cellar

For thousands of years, writings make it clear that what is evil, lives below.  In a piece where fashion meets beauty, we pull out all the stops for this visual effects piece about the room in your home you never visit at night.  


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A near-death experience transporting you to the edge of life, as told by someone who went there.  Virtual reality, used to experience the unthinkable. 


We visit an island, inhabited by a woman with no memory of her origins. As we search with her for answers, the island reveals itself, along with her disturbing past. 


A brilliant light announces the visitors.  An intimate, but disturbing encounter with the unknown.  

70 Million Dead

World War II, from the haunting vantage point of a slowly sinking battleship.  Alone, walking the lower decks of what was once in the middle of hell. 

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