Extreme Conditions

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We specialize in difficult and complex shoots.  Our crew is trained to handle extreme conditions or tricky vfx problems. With a dedicated software development team, custom rigs, and oodles of experience with the impossible, we are tuned to deliver under the toughest of conditions.  Proprietary software lets us accomplish tasks faster or not possible with off-the-shelf software. Custom camera rigs allow for extraordinary conditions.  Our experience keeps us conservative on delivery promises and our team safe in the most dangerous of conditions.  


We are very experienced in the world of VR, having worked in this space since 1986 for cutting edge DoD simulations and continuing all the way up to our very active work today. Our services are designed to make your life easy by focusing on your goal, tailoring a process to get there quickly and greatly reducing risk. You do not have to re-invent everything yourself and professional VR has been around a long time. Our 30 years of VR expereince can save you a lot of headaches.  Typical deliverables include high speed workflows, field procedures to reduce post, team and rig configurations, custom software for post and distribution strategies.  For us, consulting is not all talk, it is the delivery of solid methods for production, tailored to your specific needs. 



PassmoreVR files patents on behalf of our customers in a turnkey fashion. The writing, testing, illustrations, assignments, filing and subsequent office action responses; everything. We do this in conjunction with our law firm on your behalf, because you have enough to do already. To obtain priority position, we move fast. To get the patent awarded, we do our homework with internal and external subject-matter experts. To prepare for due diligence, we work to obtain a deep understanding of the technical context and application. One of the best ways for startup firms to hold their ground (and their valuation), is their patent portfolio along with an associated depth of knowledge. Going to flip your company? Getting relevant patents filed and defensible is one of the quickest ways to a sudden increase in market valuation prior to sale. We have been writing and filing technology patents for customers for almost 30 years. That experience can be critical to rapid filing and award success.


The tech behind our work is a critical part of our ability.  We work in high dynamic range, using depth maps and a large suite of proprietary software. Each new project expands our tools and teaches us what is required to produce fresh content. With a strong background in volumetric imaging and stereopsis, our goal is to create immersive experiences utilizing not just 360, but 3D, HDR, HFR, UHD and the very best tools either available or that our team can write. We have extensive experience with LIDAR, gyroscopes, wide spectral imaging, true laser holography, synthetic vision, gradient index optics and a wide assortment of other exotic technologies for use in computational imaging and conventional cinematography. A casual example of this can be found here, where we discuss color spectrum as it relates to photography. 

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