360Fix is a free simple utility to assist in cleaning up the edge stitching, nadir, and zenith of a 360 photo, video or image sequence.  The program rotates the image 180˚ horizontally and vertically allowing the user to see and correct the edge artifacts not visible in equirectangular mode, but visible in the headset.  The program is best suited for imagery taken with dual hemisphere 360 cameras such as the Theta series, Nikon, Samsung or custom dual fisheye rigs. 

360Fix supports the following formats:

  • Stills - JPEG (8 bit), PNG (8 bit), TIFF (up to 16 bit), DPX (10 bit)
  • Image sequences - all formats above
  • Video - Quicktime (8 bit), mp4 (8 bit), R3D (16 bit)

Clearly, not all file formats are created equal.  If you want to support raw or HDR, then use TIFF for import and export.  R3D import is also supported with full dynamic range. 


The program is run twice.  The first time, the input images are rotated and renamed to 

  • [original filename] _shift

This image is 360 rotated to allow corrections using Premiere clone or Photoshop to clean up the equirectangular edge, zenith and nadir.  

The program is then run again, this time on the corrected _shift images so the program can restore the image(s) without rotation.  Output is 

  • [original filename _shift]_fixed

This then contains your cleaned up version of the imagery. 

Original  Anza.jpg

Shifted for cleanup  Anza_shift.jpg


Using mp4, jpeg or other compressed imagery can result in compounded compression artifacts.  Always use uncompressed imagery when possible. 

Once open you can drag and drop files and folders onto the dialog box.  A folder is presumed to contain an image sequence. 

3D is supported under the formats menu. 

RED files are allowed for input, but the associated output is a TIFF image sequence.  This is due to RED licensing restrictions on creation of RED wavelet files. Other output formats could be supported, but for now we opted for TIFF to maintain color precision. 

There are a lot of strange files out there in the world.  If you are experiencing an error during ingest of a file, feel free to write and we can look at your specific file.  The testing of this utility was restricted to our normal workflow and the cameras we have on hand. 


Versions are available for Mac OS and Windows.  If you would like a copy, you can download it below.  If you would like support or to be notified of updates, please get on our mailing list.

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Download Windows Version

Download Mac Version 


This is free software and as such, it is officially unsupported.  That being said, I will try to respond to requests.  Most of my time is in the field creating VR content, so response time may vary. 

Please write me with any issues here

Coming Soon

Drag & Drop and Windows version. 

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